Bendable Bike. Tie it to any post.

Designed by Kevin Scott, a 21 year old graduate of The De Montfort University in the UK and was runner-up in the Business Design Centre New Designer of the Year Award. The bicycle he created uses a ratchet mechanism to allow it to be both rigid and bendable.

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Title: Connecting Lights

Category: #spatialdatavisualization

Author: yesyesno

Year: 2012


Description : as part of the london 2012 festival new york and amsterdam-based studio yesyesno adorned a 117km expanse along the hadrian’s wall world heritage site in england with hundreds of large-scale, pulsating light-filled balloons entitled ‘connecting lights’. the digital art installation consists of about four hundred 2 metre diameter weather balloons that transmit messages between each other - these sent in from people via an online platform. these messages are translated into LED lights that change color to create a vibrant row of blinking orbs, shown in several locations across the wall open to the public, including the errington arms in corbridge, housesteads roman fort, carlisle castle and tullie house museum.

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Prettige wekend aan allemaal #fugadecerebros4 (Tomada con Instagram)

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I like you way to move #fugadecerebros4 (Tomada con Instagram)

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Nice afternoon on The Hague #fugadecerebros4 (Tomada con Instagram)

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Falling Garden by Gerda Steiner & Jörg Lenzlinger

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Riken Yamamoto - Namics Techno Core center, Niigata 2008. Via

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STUDIO #03 ICON: StarArchitecture


Madelon Vriesendorp


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Good bye, summer #fugadecerebros4 (Tomada con Instagram)

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Good bye, summer #fugadecerebros4 (Tomada con Instagram)

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”If you are going to have a mental breakdown the best place to have it is in the spring and in Cambridge.” John Devlin, Nova Cantabrigiensis.

Nova Cantabrigiensis is a utopian island in the middle of the Minas Basin, Nova Scotia. It is the invention of visionary outsider artist John Devlin, and was designed to recreate the atmosphere and architecture of Cambridge, England, which John considers to be the perfect city.

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by razorbern on Flickr.

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untitled by Jens Riis on Flickr.

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Radu Serban

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